HERE introduces HD Live Map to show the path to highly automated driving

Today we launch our latest innovation for automakers and system vendors in North America and Western Europe. The HD Live Map from HERE – the first of its kind – creates a highly detailed and dynamic representation of the road environment, enabling a vehicle to effectively “see around corners.”

HD Live Map is composed of tiles and contains dynamic content layers. Each layer provides different details: lane level information, dynamic road network and situation changes, and speed profile data. These layers combine long-standing content (HD Map), temporary information (Live Roads), and analytics data (Humanized Driving).

How does HD Live Map work?

HD Live Map provides much-needed context to data sensed by a vehicle’s on-board sensors, in essence becoming a baseline for all vehicle functions.

In other words, HD Live Map is the “natural canvas” on which to store all the data coming from a car’s sensors and from the cloud so that a car can read them.

While autonomous cars are indeed well-equipped with sensing data, they are recognizing the road for the first time. The HD Live Map can provide context. Sensors have no “memory” for roads: Is a lane divider knocked down? Has a tree fallen into the street?


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