NEXYAD presenting their real time driving risk assessment smartphone App SafetyNex at CERCLE LAB (IoT conference)



SafetyNex is a real time driving risk assessment smartphone App that warns (vocal alert) the driver before danger, letting time to slow down and avoid accident, and that records risk profiles and usage profiles on the NEXYAD cloud.

Road Safety studies show that SafetyNex can reduce by 20% accident rate (ref)

This smartphone App is disruptive, as it lets insurance companies and fleet management teams decrease the number of accident before they try any new digital pricing or strategy.

Of course, UBI is easy with SafetyNex because :

. usage is completely described

. risk profiles give : risk that the driver agrees to take, extertise level of the driver, lacks of anticipation of the driver

This conference at Cercle LAB (Laboratoire Assurance Banque) in Paris was very interesting and led to questions and new contacts with insurance companies (SafetyNex is under deployment and testing worldwide).

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