ADAS: Meaning and Indian context

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS are the systems that are designed to help the driver by using a safe human-machine interface. They are aimed at increasing road and car safety. In other words, Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are systems developed to automate/adapt/enhance vehicle systems for safety and better driving. Safety features are designed to avoid collisions and accidents by offering technologies that alert the driver to potential problems, or to avoid collisions by implementing safeguards and taking over control of the vehicle. Adaptive features may automate lighting, provide adaptive cruise control, automate braking, incorporate GPS/ traffic warnings, connect to smartphones, alert driver to other cars or dangers, keep the driver in the correct lane, or show what is in blind spots.

There can be many types of ADAS, some are integrated into the car while others come as an add-on package. It generally comprises of a camera in combination with brake and steering systems, usually remote-controlled which possesses the capability to control the vehicle at a point of risk detection to prevent accidents.





The main functions of an ideal ADAS should be : it should warn the driver when vehicle shifts out of lane; it should warn the driver when another vehicle is approaching his vehicle(chances of collision); it should recognize traffic signs; it should adjust the headlamp range automatically to the distance of oncoming traffic; it should detect curves in the road; it should detect traffic jams; it should have adaptive cruise control (speed manipulation); it should effectively use emergency brakes as and when required; it should have a blind-spot detector( should detect the vehicles on the driver’s side and rear); it should detect driver’s drowsiness; it should detect the pedestrians that come in the way of the vehicle either form the front or from any other side etc.

Such a system can be very useful for avoiding accidents on roads. An ideal driver assistance system can help the driver overcome all hurdles of driving and can make driving smooth and easy.