New usage of the real time driving risk assessment system SafetyNex : datafusion for ADAS and driverless

The French company NEXYAD has been developing the 1st real time driving risk assessment module SafetyNex .
A low cost implementation of this technology is proposed to car insurers and fleet managers in order to :

. prevent from accident : SafetyNex alerts driver before danger, letting time to slow down and avoid accident

. record usage and risk profiles for UBI (Usage Based Insurance)

See a demo video here :

But now, imagine that instead of alerting the driver, the robotized car slows down (not emergency braking, but anticipation braking) in order to keep driving risk under a theslhold value ...

Then you have the first ADAS (active braking, intelligent ACC) or driverless car that follows rules of road safety.

The current implementation into smartphones uses MAP, GPS, and ACCELEROMETERS. With those low cost data it has been shown that SafetyNex takes into account 75% of accident situations and can reduce accident rate by 20% (at least).

It is possible to put additional inputs to SafetyNex if you have a camera, a radar, a lidar, etc :

. time to collision

. size of free space

. number of vulnerables

. visibility characteristics (fog, ...)

All those information are used together to modulate the driving risk : SafetyNex is then a data fusion system
that takes all inputs and projects them on a single dimension (between 0 ans 100%) 

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