Free space detection using the NEXYAD road detection module RoadNex (ADAS, driverless)

NEXYAD proposes a sofwtare module called RoadNex that detects :

. borders of the lane (with or without road signs : white lines etc, RoadNex works even on a desert track)

. free space (area in front of the car that can be considered as "drivable")

Even without any obstacle detection, it is possible then to know that there is "something" on the road or not.

Note : RoadNex won't make a difference between a drawing on the road and an obstacle, but if yo have an obstacle detection system (example : a lidar), then RoadNex will help to focus on areas where it is interesting to detect potential obstacles : all areas where RoadNex detects free space shoudn't be analysed in an obstacle detection point of view (gain of CPU load and time).


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