What is diving risk : key notion for car insurance (prevention, UBI), fleet management, and ADAS


The French High-Tech startup NEXYAD has been developing a disruptive software API that estimates driving risk in real time : SafetyNex 

But to understand what driving is, it is important to watch the three following anime videos : indeed, you can see 3 driving situations and above the car, you can see the risk estimated by SafetyNex (NEXYAD).

 unlucky risky driver :

 Lucky risky driver :

Cautious driver :

Note : Luck doesn’t change the risk that the driver takes. It means that risk taken by the « lucky risky driver » is exactly the same than risk taken by the « unlucky risky driver ». It is possible then to detect risky drivers before they have accident (anticipation of costs). Once detected, it is possible to train them (prevention program).

Because SafetyNex driving risk assessment is done in real time, it is possible to alert the driver (when risk is higher than an acceptable value), and if driver slows down, then risk never rises at the red level. It is an onboard prevention system (ADAS).

Observation of accidents on a short period of time (3 months for instance) may not show any difference between « cautious driver » and « lucky risky driver » (both of them may not have accident). It is a big problem for UBI, and SafetyNex brings the solution as it anticipates accident (sooner or later the « lucky risky driver » will have a severe accident).

Read more : http://www.safetynex.net