Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) using SafetyNex

Intelligent speed adaptation (ISA) is a new field of ADAS. Indeed, after deploying "reactive ADAS" (emergency braking on automatic detection), it seems interesting to give the car the ability to "understand" the road scene context and then to adapt its speed in anticipation.

The aim is to minimize the number of emergency situations to face. It is exactle what a good driver does when approaching an intersection with priority to the other road : you slow down a little (and it is not an emergency braking) and then you recover your speed just after.

SafetyNex runs more than 5000 road safety rules and estimates driving risk in real time : then it is possible to slightly slow down when estimated risk is too high ! and that's it !

SafetyNex, developed by the company NEXYAD, makes ISA very easy to do !

Sensor Fusion with SafetyNex

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