SafetyNex (real time driving risk assessment smartphone App) can alert driver before danger and then reduce accident rate by 20%

The company NEXYAD recently launched their smartphone App SafetyNex. SafetyNex analyses driving behaviour in real time and estimates the degree of adequation of this driving behaviour to road context.

In the low cost implementation, context is only the road infrastructure configuration : distances, curves, intersections, functionalities of infrastructure (pedestrian crossing, school, ...) and traffic signs (stop sign, speed limit, ...).

In more complex versions, SafetyNex takes optional inputs into account in order to modulate risk assessment with mobile environment (time to collision, interdistance, vulnerables around, ...).

Even with the very low cost implementation, SafetyNex reduces accident rate by 20%. This is very useful for car insurers, fleet managers, etc ... And of course, because driving risk is estimated 20 times per second during driving, it is easy to build "risk profiles" of the driver, and then apply all UBI (Usage Based Insurance) ideas (adaptive princing, etc).

Estimate driving risk 20 times per second is also of interest to automotive industry. Indeed, car industry is currently developing ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and HAV (Highly Automated Vehicles). Or course, one of the main goals is to increase safety ... but today, those systems use heuristic rules. With SafetyNex, they have now the opportunity to know explicitely the driving risk (or the opposite value : the safety) 20 times per second and then USE it explicitely into their systems.

This real time driving risk assessment is a disruptive invention (by NEXYAD) that may change a lot car insurance, fleet management, development of ADAS, development of Autopilots.

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