Development of Driverless Cars to Speed Up with ADAS Technology

The desire to improve Advanced Driver Assistance and other safety systems will speed up the development of autonomous cars over the coming decade.

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In the 1997 film Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond drives a modified silver BMW that he controls from the backseat with a mobile phone during a parking lot chase sequence. The vehicle also has special tires: In the event of a puncture, they simply reinflate.

It may be a while before consumers get to enjoy some of the features in Bond’s supercar. Investors, however, can benefit from opportunities brought by technological advances today, long before they can hop into driverless cars.

Growing concerns over road safety and security — among the public, governments and regulators — are helping speed technological advances in the auto sector and accelerate the development of driverless cars. The market for advanced auto security equipment is unlikely to remain a niche sector for long: It is expected to grow threefold, to $10 billion, by the end of this decade and become a rich hunting ground for investors.

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