Lyft partners with Aptiv to offer robot taxi rides at CES 2018


Lyft is partnering with self-driving technology company Aptiv to offer rides in its robot taxis during CES in Las Vegas next week. There will be a safety driver behind the wheel, so the trips will not be completely driverless. Unlike a normal Lyft experience, the cars will only travel to 20 preprogrammed destinations.

companies that come to CES to demonstrate self-driving technology do so in closed parking lots where they can control every aspect of the experience. Aptiv, which split off from automotive supplier Delphi last year, and Lyft, a newcomer to autonomous driving, are taking a big risk by conducting their demonstration on public roads, where pedestrians and other drivers help to make a completely unpredictable experience.

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The vehicles will be picking up passengers from the Gold Lot at the Las Vegas Convention Center January 9–12. The rides will be conducted by Aptiv’s fleet of eight BMW 5 Series sedans equipped with its automated driving technology. Before the drive begins, passengers will have to sit through a brief lecture about why automated driving is so important — which according to Aptiv, will “showcase the positive impact automated cars will have on individual lives and communities.”

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