The Connected Vehicle Telematics Evolution

“Alexa start my car” is a phrase that we will soon be saying, while enjoying that second cup of coffee in the morning. These days the connected vehicle is more than just knowing my radio presets or connecting to my phone. The connected vehicle can be transformed to an assistant on wheels, such that it will be able to read your text messages, find directions to the nearest Italian restaurant, as well as be able to set the thermostat in your house and turn the lights on for you when you get home. Enabling all these interactions from the vehicle requires a strong telematics system to execute. Telematics, in a nutshell, is a set of technologies that are providing the automotive industry the tools, methodologies, and systems to transform driving into an engaging and interactive connected vehicle experience.

The greatest thing about telematics may well be all the services it can enable. Telematics allows OEMs to deliver a higher level of service to the consumer, and auto manufacturers are clamoring to win customers over with new capabilities, applications, and utilities. OEMs are now able to enhance user experience, analyze driving performance, and bring deep insights into driver preferences and behaviors. All this is enabled by telematics and the transmission of data from the IoT to the cloud – gotta love the cloud!

So, now my vehicle is now a big network of sensors and control units that constantly monitor, collect, and transmit a wide range of metrics and send them to the appropriate interested party. There are several participants in the connected vehicle ecosystem. The automotive OEMs, driver, suppliers, insurance carriers, dealer service centers…and the list goes on. To unlock the true potential of the connected vehicle, you would need to begin with a strong enablement platform that would encompass components, business process and stakeholder exchanges all baked into the final solution.

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