5 telematics market trends for 2019

A new year always comes with fresh ideas and goals to achieve. Moreover, it’s the time when new market trends come across, changing how industries work. What would be those trends for 2019? Our Co-CEO Ingus Rūķis has compiled some of the things that are expected to affect how telematics businesses are run around the world. 

The continuous growth of white-label solutions

White-label solutions are becoming a norm, so you should expect to see a lot of action in this business segment. Be it a fleet management platform, mobile applications, separate apps for specific use cases like car-sharing or digital tachograph data analysis solution – there’s definitely a white-label solution for that. Why is that so, you’ll ask?

It’s no secret, that players in local markets don’t want to be resellers of a global solution, as this imposes some risks. On contrary, they’re willing to develop their own brand. That way they keep the option to combine multiple white-label solutions and build a strong brand while providing a solution that nobody else in the market has. Mapon has been working in this direction for several years now and we see that this segment is growing more rapidly than ever.

Decent market consolidation

Over the past few years, there have been several notable acquisitions in the industry, like Fleetmatics/Verizon or ABAX/Investcorp deals. There are rumours about some other big things happening in 2019 and there’s also a lot of action going on with the smaller market players where Mapon is also taking part. While the bigger companies show double-digit growth numbers, the smaller ones are stuck in their current numbers and in some cases even have a shrinking market share. In such situations, quite a few companies decide to join forces or leave the market by selling out to bigger players.

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