What’s the difference between automated driving and ADAS?

The difference between automated driving and ADAS can be boiled down to the level of human intervention. Up to what level are drivers responsible, and from what level can cars help us? It is this threshold that separates between automated driving and ADAS.

The target of ADAS is, needless to say, to increase the scene where collisions are avoidable as much as possible. For example, surveys and classification on actual collisions have been conducted at a lot of developed countries. Those surveys analyze the details of accidents occurred, such as the types of accidents and the numbers of respective cases, how fast the cars were driving, what percentage of accidents were fatal, and so on. We can quantify what percentage of accidents can be prevented if an ADAS function is introduced to vehicles on the road. By continuing that effort, we can achieve the goal of ‘Zero Collisions’. In short, evolution of ADAS can be regarded as the process to eliminate the situations where collisions could occur by introducing various technologies.
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