Fleets using artificial intelligence to accelerate safety, efficiency

“Artificial intelligence” (AI) may evoke fears of robots writing their own software code and not taking orders from humans.

The real AI, at least in present form, is delivering results in the business world. Technology companies are using powerful computers and advanced statistical models to accelerate their product development. Most are not calling these efforts AI but rather machine learning.

As a form of AI, machine learning is making it possible to quickly find relevant patterns in data captured by Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors, explains Adam Kahn, vice president of fleets for Netradyne, which has a vision-based fleet safety system called Driveri (“driver eye”).

Ten years ago, fleet safety managers had to interpret critical events reported from telematics systems, Kahn says. A “hard brake” event, for instance, may not be a result of distracted or aggressive driving. The driver might have hit the brakes to avoid a car that suddenly him cut off in traffic.

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