5 Risks Only Flatbed Truckers Understand

Flatbed trucks come with some unique risks.

If you’re hauling with flatbed trucks, you have risks other trucking companies don’t have to worry about. Understanding these additional risks helps you make smart decision to protect your drivers, your trucks, your profits, and your company.


Here are 5 risk only flatbed trucking companies will really understand.

1. Need For Advanced Load Securement Strategies

Flatbedders have to know all the advanced strategies for making sure nothing moves during transport. A faulty latch, strap, tarp, or knot could mean a rod, log, or machine part going straight through someone’s windshield.

When something comes loose in a closed truck, the worst you have to worry about is damaged cargo. But with a flatbed, someone could die or end up with some extremely high medical bills.

While death and injury are terrifying possibilities, your company could also be faced with some enormous financial expenses. And even the best drivers can make a mistake when securing a load.

Making sure you’ve got insurance to cover this kind of risk is important.

2. Carrying Dangerous Freight

This isn’t something exclusive to a flatbed truck company. But it’s definitely more common. You may be carrying heavy metal beams that could cut your driver or another vehicle in half.

All it takes is a wreck up ahead with no time to stop or not slowing enough around a dusty country bend and dangerous freight launches into the road.

Having cargo coverage for clean up and damage as well as liability to cover other drivers and their vehicle will help you sleep at night knowing you can come back from these kinds of disasters as a business.

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