Autonomous Vehicles: US Legal and Regulatory Landscape

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Alabama has no laws or regulations concerning autonomous passenger vehicles. However, the state has passed legislation concerning autonomous truck platooning. Looking forward, lawmakers in the state are beginning to pay greater attention to the subject of widespread autonomous transit. In 2017, the state Senate created a Legislative Committee on Self-Driving Vehicles to study the issue and this past March State Sen. Gerald Allen introduced legislation that would explicitly permit autonomous vehicles to operate in the state.


Arizona has one of the most permissive AV frameworks in the country, thanks to a series of executive orders signed by Gov. Doug Ducey. Automakers need only to notify the Arizona Department of Transportation before testing, as long as their vehicles comply with state and federal laws governing motor vehicles. The welcoming nature of Arizona’s regulatory structure has solidified its standing as a hotbed of AV innovation. Waymo has been testing in the state for years and just recently trialed its “Waymo One” robo-taxi service in the Phoenix area. The company plans to expand the service through a partnership with ridesharing company Lyft in the next several months.

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