Now Artificial Intelligence (AI) is applied with success in many fields of Automotive applications.

NEXYAD company made a breakthrough by developing their onboard real time driving risk assessment module SafetyNex : "at each moment, 20 times per second, we know the driving risk that the vehicle is currently taking, and then we can first record this risk, and second, act on driver (alert) or act on vehicle (ADAS or autonomous vehicle) in order to reduce risk", said Gerard YAHIAOUI, CEO of NEXYAD.



Risk profile among miles (after trip coaching of a driver)

This new and validated feature allows new applications :

. proactive telematics : telematics that avoids accidents by alerting driver with anticipation before danger, letting tim to slow down and avoid emergency situations

. intelligent cockpit HMI : lerting driver through sophisticated sounds, lights, haptic signals ...

. ADAS : piloting intlligent ACC to keep risk under a max accepted value, even on urban areas

. Autonomous driving : making AD system adaptive to risk and then to unknown situations (good lead to go from level 3 to level 5 of autonomy).

Deployment of this AI has started.