When thinking of being a 10 times better driver — better in solving difficult situations — we get a completely different picture. In that case, we can remove all the victims of DUI, texting, dozing off while driving, disciplining the kids in the back seat, or plain stupid behavior like reckless speeding. That is about 90% of all accidents.

The other ~10% of accidents are the result of the driver not being fast enough, not being experienced enough, having only 2 eyes (with none in the back of his head), and other normal human limitations that prevent the driver from resolving a complex situation in time to avoid an accident.

Again, we can replace all drivers in the USA with these 10-times-better robotdrivers. There will be fatalities, but how many we don’t know. It will be a fraction of the 4,000 that human drivers could not avoid.

This time the accidents will be in situations a human driver also would have failed. Because a 10 times better AI driver is a robot that can solve all problems a human can solve and then some. The robot is never distracted. It has 360 degree vision. It can monitor multiple difficult situations at the same time. It reacts in milliseconds. As soon as the accident is unavoidable, it will call 911.

What it cannot do is get out of the vehicle and help the victims.


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Robotaxis: What's The Difference Between 10x Better & 10x Safer?

Around the pool of the CleanTechnica worldwide virtual headquarters on top of Mount Elonpus, we did celebrate Zach's 300 Tesla Jedi Masters masterpiece. This led to a discussion about the safety of Full Self Driving (FSD). It is often said that FSD needs to be 10 times better or safer than a human driver.