02 mai 2018

Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo - Stuttgart 2018

Dear Readers, for the 4th consecutive year the groupement ADAS will participate to the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2018.  This exhibition will take place at Stuttgart from the 5th to the 7th of June. The AVTWE is a major event of the main event for autonomous vehicle ingineers and developers. This year, 3 different conference cycles are proposed and confirm the international level of this event. Read more about conferences here.       The groupement expertise is focused on technology... [Lire la suite]
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05 mars 2018

Retrospective #2 : ADAS Groupement & automotive industry news

This second retrospective will contain all articles posted in February on the groupement ADAS blog. You can easily browse through our last articles to learn more and fast about the ADAS market. As usual the summary will approach ADAS by different angles as technologies, market perspectives or market player’s progress in order to give you a global overview of what happen in February in the field of ADAS technologies and the car industry.   Groupement ADAS Here is a first article about RoadNex, by our member Nexyad: Free... [Lire la suite]
06 février 2018

ADAS Groupement & automotive industry news

January was a busy month for the ADAS goupement, first due to the presence at Las Vegas for the last edtion of the CES. And also because we are still browsing the Internet to keep you informed about automotive industry , autonomous vehicle and ADAS technologies. in order to help you find relevant information on our blog we propose you the first retrospective based on a selection of articles posted last month. ADAS groupement Starting by news concerning the ADAS groupement, you can read below a presentation of SafetyNex by... [Lire la suite]
09 novembre 2017

YoGoKo is now part of the MOVEO Groupement ADAS

We are pleased to announce that YoGoKo is now part of the MOVEO Groupement ADAS. YoGoKo provides communication solutions for the connected & cooperative vehicle enabling data exchange between vehicles and the roadside infrastructure (V2X) and secure & efficient Internet connectivity. It allows the transmission of information related to road safety and traffic efficiency. It also enables data collection and processing, fleet tracking and management, remote diagnosis, software over-the-air updates, internet... [Lire la suite]
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01 mars 2017

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) joins Groupement ADAS !!

NIT is now part of the MOV'EO Groupement ADAS NIT develops CMOS sensors and cameras based on a unique and patented principle providing a native Logarithmic pixel response. This unique feature provides an extraordinary wide dynamic range, an instantaneous adaptation to illumination changes and extremely simplified controls for unrivaled information robustness. Grande     MOV'EO Groupement ADAS is a cluster of SMEs that develop key technologies for ADAS and driverless car.
20 octobre 2015


   Nexyad Automotive & Transortation Newsletter #5, october 17th 2015.     Summary :   – OVERVIEW OF ITS WORLD CONGRESS IN BORDEAUX - USING NEXYAD ADAS MODULES FOR AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE AND SAFETY/RISK ESTIMATION - REAL TIME ONBOARD RISK ESTIMATION CORRELATED WITH ROAD ACCIDENT - NEXYAD IN MEDIA   News about ADAS VALIDATION NEXYAD has been starting the development of a data base for artificial vision-based ADAS test and validation. This data base will be relevant and unique because it is... [Lire la suite]
15 juin 2015

New self-driving Google car smaller and even less reliant on human assistance

Only a single person is required in an emergency to take over the more compact car with a detachable steering wheel, gas pedal and brake pedal. The new vehicle was put under some significant stress before Google and the Department of Transportation okayed it to interact with primate-operated vehicles. “We’ve made the car hot, we’ve made the car cold, we’ve done reliability testing, we drive the car through a durability ‘bump track’”, said Google systems engineer Jaime Waydo in a video of the new vehicle the company put out today. ... [Lire la suite]
15 février 2015

Validation of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems

Authors: Gérard Yahiaoui [NEXYAD], Nicolas DU LAC [INTEMPORA],   Contributors: Laurent RAFAELLI [ALL4TEC], Roman KATZ [Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH], Philippe DE SOUZA  [CIVITEC] Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) will soon be a rule in the automotive domain: Drivers are now used to advanced interaction with computers, smartphones and tablets. They more and more expect to get the same evolutions in the interactive services provided by their cars. The EURO NCAP organization rates the vehicles from 0 to 5 stars... [Lire la suite]
28 janvier 2015

ADAS meets Covea

Project meeting with Covea and Microsoft
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