Google is reportedly developing a version of Android to be built directly into cars. However, developing an onboard system robust enough might only be the first hurdle Google needs to overcome in its quest to become further embedded into people's daily lives.

Google is reportedly developing Android-based software that could be embedded directly into vehicles to provide map and infotainment services — and potentially access vehicle systems directly. On the other hand, other reports indicate the Android model faces some resistance, particularly from German automakers and politicians.

In-car entertainment, information, and technology will be a significant segment in the battle between automakers for market share.. While Google develops Android, automakers are working on in-house and supplier partner programmes of their own. Google's efforts to embed its operating software directly into vehicles may not result in its rapid adoption, once development is complete. Automakers are reluctant to give up control of vehicles' centre stacks and their data, or to enable a third party to access vehicle systems' information. Whether consumers trust automakers (or Google) to have the ability to collect and use this much data is still uncharted territory.

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