Google demos Self-Driving cars during SXSW weekend

Google brought models of its self-driving cars to SXSW to be tested and get consumer opinion, with Mayors from across the country checking the cars out as well.

“This is so important for the country. We have so many challenges in front of us and the way we’re going to address those challenges is through innovation. Bringing technology and working together to try and solve them,” said Chris Urmson, the director of Google’s Self-Driving cars.

Urmson has been working on the idea since 2009, and believes that in only a few more years it will finally hit the road for real.

The inside view of one of Google's self-driving cars.

The inside view of one of Google’s self-driving cars.

Google believes the cars will make trips safer, enable more people to travel such as the sight-impaired or seniors too uncomfortable to drive. Then there’s the issue of congestion and stress.

“There are people who enjoy driving but nobody enjoys sitting on I-35 in rush hour. So if you could use that time to read a book or catch up on email or have a nap, you’re life is going to be better,” said Urmson.

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