Advanced telematics for enhancing the SAFEty and comfort of motorcycle RIDERs

Background & policy context: 

Motorcycle and moped fatalities account for 17,8% of the total number of road accident fatalities in Europe and, compared to a passenger car occupant, a motorcycle rider is 26 times more likely to die in a crash, based on vehicle miles travelled, as riders are among the vulnerable road users.


SAFERIDER aimed to enhance PTW riders' safety by applying ADAS/IVIS on PTWs of all types for the most crucial functionalities and develop efficient and rider-friendly interfaces and interaction elements for riders' comfort and safety. Relevant applications prioritisation was based on in-depth accident studies, riders needs and wants, as well as benchmarking and ergonomic inspection of existing applications. The selected functionalities were developed according to a modular and multi-layer (perception-decision-action) architecture, allowing multi ADAS/IVIS applications setup and integration.

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