European Fleet Market expected to double by 2020

A new research report from Berg Insight shows that the number of vehicle subscriptions in the European fleet management market will double from todays 5.3 million(Q4, 2015) to 10.6 million subscribers by 2020.

European companies operating commercial vehicles and heavy machinery fleets are embracing the digital age like never before. The trend is clear; they are moving away from manual, time consuming solutions and towards digital, paperless solutions.   A new report from Berg & Insight now shows that the European market for fleet managements systems is expected to double by 2020*

There are several reasons for this substantial growth. The total number of commercial vehicles in Europe is increasing at the same time as the market penetration for each country continues to grow. This is largely supported by an increasing level of IT-maturity in the various national markets,  as well as an increased overall  focus on compliance to the EU-rules and regulations that comes with owning commercial and company vehicles.

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