Tesla’s Self-Driving Car Plan Seems Insane, But It Just Might Work

Testla driverless

ELON MUSK HAS done it again. The CEO of Tesla Motorsand SpaceX has made an aggressive prediction for his technology, and paired it with an unreasonable deadline. In the past, he’s promised electric cars for everyone and trips to Mars, and built a reputation for achieving those outrageous things, albeit far behind schedule.

Now, Musk is pledging that by the end of 2017, he’ll produce a Tesla that can drive itself from Los Angeles to New York City, no human needed.

That timeline puts him years ahead of every other big player working on fully autonomous carsFord is aiming for 2021, China’s Baidu for 2019. Google hasn’t given a hard date, but 2021 is a good bet. Same goes for GM. And they’re talking about cars that will stay in limited areas—nothing that can cross the country.

So, what are the chances Musk can actually make this happen? Let’s break it down.

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