Use Case of computer vision ADAS system (RoadNex free space detection) : automatic predictive braking

NEXYAD made some tries of using their module RoadNex for predictive braking.

RoadNex is a computer vision based module for road detection :

. detection of drivable area borders and detection of free space (drivable area surface) :

free space detection roadnex vulnerable

The idea is that RoadNex is NOT and obstacle detector, but ifever the drivable area is going thinner or smaller, then
there is a chance that an obstacle should be detected. It means that RoadNex can be used :
. for triggering obstacle detection modules (artificial vision, liddar, radar, ...) on SOME specific areas
. for trigering anticipation automatic braking when the drivable area is going smaller or thinner :
         . it may be an obstacle
         . it may be a severe degradation of the road surface
         . it may be road signs painted on the road
In any case, it it supposed to make the car slightly slowing down. This is not emergency braking, as they are triggered
by obstacle detection, but rather "prevention" or "anticipation" braking : very smooth braking (from 0.1 to 0.3 g) that 
will let more margin to emergency braking is they occor.

modification of length and width of drivable area can also be analysed in real time to discriminate :
. vulnerables
. construction areas
. road signs

RoadNex works perfectly on dry road and cloudy weather. For strong casted shadows and wet road, NEXYAD is currently
devloping improvements.

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