Low CPU consumption road detection and free space detection running in real time on a regular smartphone : RoadNex

The company NEXYAD showed to its partners and customers at CES 2018 in Las Vegas the RoadNex road detection system running on a regular smartphone (using CPU and camera of the smartphone). RoadNex detectes two things, independently :

. borders of the lane : borders may be road markings, other cars, construction area signs, pedestrians, bicycle, ...

. free space : part of the world ahead that is flat and drivable (including sidewalks)


With SafetyNex you know where the surface is drivable in you lane and beyond, and you also know the borders of drivable surface in your lane (its width, etc ...).

RoadNex is usefull for autonomous vehicles such as shuttles and robot taxi.

Here is a real time demo in front of NEXYAD location : demo of free space only on a very complex movement : panoramic (rotation) and with rough conditions (smartphone in hand : shivering, height that change rapidly, etc) : it shows robustness and low CPU consumption of RoadNex free space detection.