Overview of Retrofit Kits for Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is something that’s not pnly for new cars, but a number of startups are working on developing retrofit kits that allow cars today on the road to drive autonomously. Such kits typically come with a number of additional sensors, graphic processors and the possibility to use existing vehicle components and sensors.

Some of the startups signed partnerships with current automotive players. The general importer of cars from the Volkswagen group for Switzerland AMAG has announced such a partnership with the German startup Kopernikus Auto with the aim to develop an “intermediary solution” or “middleware” that enables autonomous driving for today’s cars.

Such retrofit kits can give lawmakers the required tool to bring autonomous driving much quicker on the roads and reduce accidents and traffic fatalities. It will be crucial that those kits are available at an affordable price. Comma.ai aims at making this available for under $1,000, while others expect the price points to be higher due to higher labor costs

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