Self-Driving Flying Car to Take Off in Two Years


The Terrafugia will automatically avoid other aircraft, bad weather, and restricted airspace.

The hybrid electric flying car that's been a dream for so long is finally taking shape. Terrafugia announced that they expect to have a prototype for their computer-controlled electric aerial vehicle called the TF-X released within two years.

The company says a full-sized prototype of the TF-X will be ready by 2018, the Daily Mail reported. No price has been announced, a company spokesperson told DNEWS in an email, but they expect the vehicle to go into production within 8 to 12 years.

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If that seems like forever, consider the timeline for Terrafugia's first vehicle, a two-seater that runs on regular gasoline called the Transition. As Engadget's Richard Lawler pointed out last year, the second-generation Transition prototype logged more than 100 hours in the air, but key hurdles remain. This latest version still needs meet automotive crash safety standards, and meet the FAA's weight limit for Light-Sport Aircraft.

The TF-X design is even more complex. The idea is for the four-seat hybrid electric vehicle to have computer-controlled flight. After driving the TF-X out of the garage, twin propellers unfold and a megawatt of power lifts the vehicle up.

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