Advances in ADAS – Getting Closer to the Self-Driving Car

Automobile manufacturers are constantly making improvements to the design of cars, creating an experience that is safer and more comfortable with each new model. In the last number of years we have seen a defined move towards more technology in our cars, designed to make it easier to drive. This year’s CES was notable not only for the amount of automobile manufacturers in attendance, but also the fact that nearly all of them had a version of a self-driving car, prompting speculation that they will appear on our roads within the next 5 years. My first experience of a driverless car came while watching the movie Demolition Man back in 1993 (although I’m sure there are prior examples of this in sci-fi movies). The movie, set in 2032, also had very accurate depictions of an iPad and Skype that can be seen in this video compilation. The only surprise is that the movie director was too conservative with his estimate of when these technologies would be developed!

self-driving car

Science fiction is always an interesting barometer of predicting the future, introducing concepts ahead of their time. It’s exciting to see these visions turn into a reality, but there is also a more pressing need for their development. In August of 2012, KPMG and the Center for Automotive Research published a comprehensive report on Self-driving cars: The next Revolution. It included some powerful statistics on the dangers involved in driving a car:

In 2010 there were approximately six million vehicle crashes, of which 93 percent were attributable to human error.”

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