ARAS : Advanced Rider Assistance Systems


Motorcycle ARAS supports and assists the rider, to reduces stress and provide comfort to the rider. It is an amalgamation of comfort and safety functions with the objective of accident avoidance. Motorcycle advanced riding assistance system (ARAS) is specifically designed with a safe human-machine interface that helps in increasing the safety of the rider and the motorcycle. Maximum number of road accidents occur due to human error. Therefore, ARAS helps motorcycle riders by offering various features like automation, adaptability, enhancement of safety, and better riding experiences.  

Technological Trends

One of the latest trend in the market is shifting interest of customers from traditional Cubic Capacity (CC) to electronic CC. The demand for electronic CC is increasing as the use of the same gives riders wrist cramp free ride owing to long distance travel and while adhering to the stipulated speed limits. Electronic CC ensures efficiency in terms of performance and offers better features over traditional cruise control. The presence of backend unit in electronic CC guarantees the monitoring of engine revolutions per minute and speed signals to automatically adjust according to terrain, contrary to traditional cruise control.

The motorcycle manufacturers are investing primarily in developing a radar-based safety system. For instance, in April 2018, Ducati announced that the company is developing a radar system for motorcycles. Unlike the radar system used in warfare to sneak on unwanted threats from enemies, the advanced rider assistance systems (ARAS) in motorbike uses sensors and radar to warn the riders (using an advanced user interface) of any vehicle in the rider's ‘blind spot’ to avoid collisions. Ducati mentioned that the system will make its way to production models by 2020.

Another major motorcycle manufacturer Honda is developing a unique feature for its motorcycles, the Honda Riding Assist. It is an all-electric concept motorcycle, which continually assesses its position. Furthermore, it can also move the handle-bar. Thus, it makes sure that the motorcycle always stays in an upright position. This feature is very helpful while riding the motorcycle in heavy traffic.

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