The Hottest Tech Trends in 2019? Watch out for Smart Transportation, Smart Retail, and Smart Industry driven by Edge AI

 Smart Transportation

Smart Transportation

Will this be the year that smart transportation finally takes off? As an ongoing trend, smart transportation, which encompasses everything from autonomous urban buses, trams, trains, through to the increasing volume of smart fleet and private vehicles on the roads, is very much on the rise.

In many ways smart transportation is the perfect storm, bringing together convenience for end users, lower costs for operators and often wrapping in regulatory compliance for good measure. The technology is also fast maturing, from onboard enhanced AI offerings capable of maintaining vital safety margins, through to rapidly shrinking sensors. Consider that the first practical LIDAR units were roof-mounted crates; now they’re the size of a matchbox.

VIA’s compact Mobile360 M820 ADAS system is integrated into one of the world’s first autonomous electric buses; the Enchi Self-Driving EV Bus, which was demonstrated in April 2018. The Edge AI ADAS cameras, in this instance, deliver vital safety measures including Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and Speed Limit Detection features.

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