Disruption in autonomous driving : AD system adaptive to driving risk

NEXYAD has been developing an Artificial Intlligence - based software component that monitors the driving risk that an AD system is currntly taking (at each moment). It is the risk in terms of road safety (not the inherently functional safety of the AD system).
It is the first time that the driving risk is explicitely computed and available in a car.
Then the AD system can be aware of th risk it is currently taking.
If risk is too high, it is possible to apply cautiousness heuristics such as : smoothly slow down and check if driving risk is reduced.

Driving risk is predictive of potential accident situations (and even of emergency situations), then servo-control of the AD system based on explicit risk computing brings to the AD system skills of anticipation that make it drive much safer even in dense urban situations.

This improves performance of an existing AD system without adding a line of code in it. A good lad to achieve level 5 ?

This driving risk computing technology is called SafetyNex.

Illustration SafetyNex for AD Systems

Check : https://nexyad.net/Automotive-Transportation/One_Pager_SafetyNex_AD_Systems.pdf