The Place of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive Industry

When it comes to vehicles, dials and switches are used to control everything. As the automotive industry evolves, so do its norms. Today, we are rapidly moving towards a world of shared and self-driving cars.

Automotive manufacturers implement a range of human-machine interface technologies (HMIs), including voice controls, interior-facing cameras, touch-sensitive surfaces, and smarter, personalized platforms.

Voice control is among the most preferred interfaces with the most significant percentage of HMIs since it allows hands-free control and, therefore, less distraction from the road. Other examples include multifunctional controllers, touchscreens, and head-up displays.

The Place of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive Industry

Autonomous driving has been the central concern of the automotive industry for quite some time. This revolutionary concept wouldn’t be possible without the help of Artificial Intelligence.

AI has seen a rapid implementation in several sectors. However, the advantages it offers to the automotive industry are a trending issue at the moment. Auto manufacturers and tech companies are racing to develop the best AI and self-driving technology.

The applications of Artificial Intelligence in the automotive industry is not limited to autonomous driving. AI and machine learning also helps with keeping us safe and connected. Moreover, it’s those emerging technologies that are now applied in the manufacturing process.

All this adds up to one lucrative business. The value of AI in automotive manufacturing and cloud services is set to exceed $10,73 billion in the next five years. The automotive industry uses emerging technology to mimic and support human actions. Today’s connected vehicles and the automotive vehicles of the future will rely on AI systems.

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