A Game Changer for Road Safety: the Global Road Safety Platform by NEXYAD

NEXYAD recently launched a Global Road Safety Platform that can assess driving risk, onboard, in real time, 20 times per second.

This technology is a game changer for road safety: currently under deployment for telematics matters (fleet risk management, and Usag Based Insurance), it has been shown and validated that alerting driver when risk starts to increase a little to much can reduce accident rate by 20%. See figure below:

old telematics vs proactive telmatics


NEXYAD proactive telematics vs old classical telematics

But this technology is also a game changer for Automotive industry: it can be used to fee Automatic Cruis Control (ACC) systems or Autopilots with th risk that the vehicle is currently taking. Then those driving automation systms can take it into account and modulate their driving behaviour to keep risk at a low level.

This is simply a revolution !

This NEXYAD technology is very different from ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) as it works BEFORE emergency situations as shown below.

ADAS vs NEXYAD Global Road Safety Platform illustration


NEXYAD technology is a good complement to classical ADAS as it brings ANTICIPATION skills.