3 Reasons Why Smartphone Telematics Is The Way To Go!

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There’s no doubt that the adoption of the financial credit score as a rating variable for premium underwriting was an innovation in its time. But now it’s time for the next big thing in insurance – smartphone telematics. For automobile insurers, telematics represents a growing and valuable way to quantify driver risk. Instead of pricing based on vehicle and driver characteristics, telematics presents the opportunity to measure the quantity and quality of a driver’s behavior.

Through the sensors inside a driver’s mobile phone, insurers can gather data based on a person’s actual driving behavior. As such, mobile-based telematics (vs hardware, plug-in devices) presents an opportunity to gather telematics data via smartphones. Sensors can be used to determine factors ranging from simple (i.e. distance/vehicle-miles traveled) to sophisticated (i.e. whether the smartphone belongs to the driver or the passenger).

At TrueMotion, we distill and analyze sensor data to identify patterns that indicate poor or dangerous driving habits, such as rapid acceleration, harsh braking, distracted driving or excessive speeding. Furthermore, our system also links collected data with other sources of data, such as weather, traffic, and road type, providing context that improves understanding and insights about the driver.

Smartphone telematics is the breakthrough opportunity to improve driving, reduce claims, increase margins and build customer loyalty. It allows insurers to decrease reliance on proxy-based measures – such as demographics and credit scores – and incorporate real-time driving behaviors to more accurately measure driver risk.

The outcome of such programs, even more, has a net positive effect on an insurer’s bottom line;

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