The momentum behind the autonomous vehicle movement has been growing rapidly as the major technology vendors, and new players, seek to define the future of road transport.  RethinkX has estimated that by 2030, within 10 years of regulatory approval, 95% of all US passenger miles will be served by autonomous transport-as-a-service providers. 

Jeff Klei, president Continental AG North America, has been quoted calculating that as many as 54 million autonomous vehicles will be on the road by 2035.  As the number of vehicles increases so too will the volume of data.   Professor Pete Lockhart, commercial director, Roke says that by 2020 there will be 8.6 million connected features in cars and Rob Toews, founder of the Stanford and Harvard Forum on the Future of Transportation, also estimates there are up to 100 electronic control units in today’s cars. 

That equates to 100 million lines of code.  Basically, a “candy store” for hackers to troll; something the CEO of General Motors acknowledged when she said, “A cyber incident is a problem for every automaker in the world.”

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