Connected tech to keep car-share drivers in check

Telematics as a vetting tool in car-sharing fleets explored by Siegfried Mortkowitz.

New mobility services are creating new relationships between drivers and vehicles, and potentially between car owners and their vehicles. The rise of who peer-to-peer (P2P) car-sharing has enabled owners to leverage the times their vehicles are idle by allowing strangers to rent them for short periods of time.

In P2P relationships, the most important commodity is trust: the car owner must believe that the person who will drive the car is competent and reliable. Benoit Tournier, director, marketing and business development, at Sierra Wireless, regards this as an excellent opportunity to exploit telematics technology and UBI driving data to make the experience more transparent for the car owner of and less expensive for the driver.

“This is where we will see connections between various types of stakeholders and networks,” he says. “Car-sharing companies are closely connected to car insurance companies today. What is really important for car-sharing is the trust you build in your service for the car owner. If the car owner is not 100% sure that his car is properly insured when it is shared, then the service will not fly. One of the enhanced requirements for the telematics device in the car is to monitor the driver’s behaviour. UBI should be fully integrated, so you can score the driver.”

He views this as an “enhanced” function because, currently, “the basic requirement of the telematics device is to connect the car to the car-sharing cloud platform, to enable basic functions, such as opening the door. The cherry on the cake is now to add more ‘trust’ with UBI driver behaviour reports or alerts, based on accurate telematics scoring.”

This will generate data that can be used to make the service more efficient and more reliable, Tournier believes. “So, then you have lots of data of driver behaviour. These data are owned by the car-sharing company but even more important is that the drivers are ranked among their peers. So if the driver leaves the car dirty, which is reported by the owner, or drives badly, he will get a bad score. This will be communicated to the entire [car-share] community.”

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