Top 5 trends in connected cars

Distilling recent automotive market developments down to five essential things that will emerge as the most important underlying automotive industry trends associated with connectivity is a great challenge. But here are five key trends for connected cars that I see moving forward.

1) Browser on wheels
First and foremost, the car has become a browser on wheels.

It is difficult to overstate this phenomenon, because it means nothing less than driving has become the equivalent of online search (an industry worth upwards of USD 100 billion) with all that that implies for monetizing driving behavior.

Every action by a driver is an indication of intent and intent is monetizable for advertisers and car makers.

General Motors’ Marketplace platform is a perfect example being delivered in cars today of a system making recommendations to drivers in real time directly from the dashboard based on predictive analytics around customer preferences and historical behavior.

2) Artificial Intelligence
This ‘browser-fication’ phenomenon is being accelerated by the shift of artificial intelligence capabilities – in support of automated driving and digital assistants – shifting from the cloud to in-vehicle systems in the form of more powerful processors, improved vehicle networks and on-board storage.

Cars are getting smarter at understanding what humans are doing and helping them move and arrive at their destinations accurately and safely.

HERE is working to integrate location information related to navigation with sensor-based contextual information compiled from Audi, BMW and Daimler vehicles to help drivers avoid obstacles and road hazards along their path.

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