It’s no longer a secret that telematics is one of the biggest game changers in the way insurance industry functions. Telling someone to drive safely is quite meaningless, if without specifics. With telematics, insurance companies can now actually show drivers the way they operate their vehicles and what specifically they should do to improve their driving habits.

Telematics enables insurance companies to monitor vehicles and their drivers. Cars fitted with telematics identify inefficient driving behaviours – how they are accelerating or braking on the highway, cornering speed, driving time, etc.

The advantages of telematics are fairly obvious. Insurers can have precise information and a more accurate glimpse of how the driver actually behaves behind the wheel. As a result, insurance agents can easily determine driver’s premiums and who should be paying more, & less for the insurance.

Telematics and the Safer Road Ahead!

Although telematics can help improve fleet safety, it cannot just happen by merely installing the device. More significant gains can be enjoyed from a combination of advanced analytics, telematics hardware and knowledgeable consulting.

Insurance companies that are using telematics are experiencing a reduction in the number of accidents & claims and increased fuel cost savings. Telematics allows vehicle monitoring and tracks driving habits through computer software. This new technology speed up and also streamlines the claim process, thereby cutting claims and repair costs.

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