Towards Fully Autonomous Driving ? The Perception Decision-making bottleneck (Plenary Talk)

illustration ADAS & AD

Safety is still insufficient (a false sense of Safety) ! => Still some Perception & Situation Awareness errors (even in commercial systems) => On May 7th 2016, Tesla driver killed in crash with Autopilot active (recently revealed by Tesla)

Autopilot didn’t detected the trailer as an obstacle (NHTSA investigation + Tesla conjecture):  Camera => White color against a brightly lit sky (+ High ride height ?) !  Radar => High ride height of the trailer probably confused the radar into thinking it is an overhead road sign !

Main features

 Dynamic & Open Environments (Real-time processing)

 Incompleteness & Uncertainty (Model & Perception)

 Human in the loop (Social & Interaction Constraints)

 Hardware / Software integration (Satisfying Embedded constraints)

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