AV perception engine launched for reliable autonomous driving

AV perception engine launched for reliable autonomous driving

VAYAVISION has announced the release of VAYADrive 2.0, an AV perception software engine that fuses raw sensor data together with AI tools to create an accurate 3D environmental model of the area around the self-driving vehicle.

“This launch marks the beginning of a new era in autonomous vehicles, bringing to market an AV perception software based on raw data fusion,” said Ronny Cohen, CEO and Co-founder of VAYAVISION. “VAYADrive 2.0 increases the safety and affordability of self-driving vehicles and provides OEMs and T1s with the required level of autonomy for the mass-distribution of autonomous vehicles.”

The VAYADrive 2.0 software solution combines AI, analytics, and computer vision technologies with computational efficiency to scale up the performance of AV sensors hardware. The software is compatible with a wide range of cameras, LiDARs, and radars.

VAYADrive 2.0 solves a key challenge facing the industry: the detection of 'unexpected' objects. Roads are full of 'unexpected' objects that are absent from training data sets, even when those sets are captured while travelling millions of kilometers. Thus, systems that are mainly based on deep neural networks fail to detect the 'unexpected'.

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