Towards artificial general intelligence with hybrid Tianjic chip architecture

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There are two general approaches to developing artificial general intelligence (AGI)1: computer-science-oriented and neuroscience-oriented. Because of the fundamental differences in their formulations and coding schemes, these two approaches rely on distinct and incompatible platforms2,3,4,5,6,7,8, retarding the development of AGI. A general platform that could support the prevailing computer-science-based artificial neural networks as well as neuroscience-inspired models and algorithms is highly desirable. Here we present the Tianjic chip, which integrates the two approaches to provide a hybrid, synergistic platform. The Tianjic chip adopts a many-core architecture, reconfigurable building blocks and a streamlined dataflow with hybrid coding schemes, and can not only accommodate computer-science-based machine-learning algorithms, but also easily implement brain-inspired circuits and several coding schemes. Using just one chip, we demonstrate the simultaneous processing of versatile algorithms and models in an unmanned bicycle system, realizing real-time object detection, tracking, voice control, obstacle avoidance and balance control. Our study is expected to stimulate AGI development by paving the way to more generalized hardware platforms.

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