The Expertise to Provide Services and Share Cyber-security Research for Connected Cars

Security Innovation, an authority in automotive and software security, announced today that it has established Automotive Centers of Excellence (ACE) Laboratories in Seattle and Boston. ACE Labs will provide our customers with valuable insight into threat and attack profiles in their automobiles. Security Innovation’s Automotive Centers of Excellence have been created to help automotive customers adopt best-in-breed security practices from other industries to move them along the maturity curve as quickly as possible.

Most new cars have multiple connections to external and nomadic devices and services – Bluetooth, near-field communications (NFC), Internet services, on-board diagnostics, etc. This new functionality has highlighted the stark reality that automobiles are vulnerable to attacks and connected vehicle technology is now susceptible to malicious exploits that were inconceivable when cars were originally designed. Unlike other platforms such as web, cloud, and mobile, there has been relatively little research conducted on automotive security

Security Innovation’s Automotive Centers of Excellence have been created to help organizations in the automotive supply chain create and maintain secure software, which now constitutes a massive footprint in today’s cars.

The ACE Labs will specifically address three of the five specific recommendations made to NHTSA by Senator Markey. Namely:

  •   Ensure that vehicles with wireless access points and data-collecting features are protected against hacking events and security beaches
  •   Validate security systems using penetration testing
  •   Include measures to respond real-time to hacking events

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