Here is the 3rd retrospective article on the ADAS groupement blog. Last month many perspectives on the future of the ADAS market and initiatives from the industry player were related on the ADAS blog. Enjoy browsing through our article collection posted in March.

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Groupement ADAS

Starting, as usual, by news from member of the groupement, you can learn more about ADAS product and how complementary they are:

Focus on latest news

You surely heard about the accident that killed a pedestrian few days ago. Here are two articles about this tragic accident and first clue about its origins.

ADAS technologies and market Overwatch

Many articles were focused on technologies and market. It also contains a small focus on ADAS from car insurer perspectives.

Focus on car insurance

Car & shuttle industry

As usual, many articles that relate intiatives from industry players were posted on the ADAS blog. You will find bellow some trends sorted by car/shuttle manufacturer and also sorted by different region of the world.

Around the world


Special topic, not directly relatedto automative and ADAS but who knows, maybe it will be a substitution production one day !